a tale of boy meets ghoul

a Source Film Maker/SDK movie by Randall Glass

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Sept 8, 2012

Hey gang,
Thanks for diggin' my zombie cartoon! (and it's not even finished!) The response has been overwhelming. I wish I could buy everyone a Dr. Pepper. Also, thanks for subscribing to my Youtube channel. I hope to make it worth your while. I feel like I've gathered an army and that we should invade somebody's channel (or something).

What you'll probably see in the near term are some animation tests, some shots re-polished (at 5 minutes long I was spreading myself pretty thin in terms of animation quality on some shots), and some shorter subject stuff. Part 2 (the conclusion) of Scout vs. Witch is in the works. oh, and then there are the Saxxys. (Gulp!) So, I hope you'll stick around.

If you're curious about what some of my earlier work looked like, check out Warthog Jump (2002) and A Few Good G-men (2005). You can also find both on Youtube somewhere.

Sorry if you've emailed me and I haven't responded yet. Also if you're an aspiring animator, check out animationmentor.com


Scout vs. Witch

Hey gang,

I'll post some details on this later (maybe even link my twitter stream), but to start things off, this was made in Source Film Maker, but the whole "alley run" / 300 sequence was actually done in TF2/Source SDK, which I had already completed before SFM came out.

I animated (Maya) all the characters after the :51 mark (after the flaming barrel). Stuff I did not animate: the huge hordes where you see tons of zombies together on-screen at once (that was just L4D NPCs), nor did I animate the legs of the Headcrab zombie, or the crawling torso. Those were game animations. I animated the Hunter, but based his crawl on Valve's animations (I wasn't able to import those movements so I had to recreate them myself).

I created my own blendshapes/morphs for the Witch to make her talk and emote. The L4D version just has her do a couple things (an expression or two), but I wasn't able to use any of that. I also created my own rigs for controlling the zombies/infected in Maya.

Another note, I tried uploading this to the YouTube, but the encoded file had audio sync issues. It was bad. The mobile MP4 version was actually spot on. So, Death To Flash. In the meantime, please watch it here. Sorry if the bandwidth gets tight.

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